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Your Gift to Uplift of $12/month protects and provides for children
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Your Gift to Uplift of $12/month protects and provides for children


Families in need are often forgotten.  We provide underprivileged children technology, education, training, protection and support to help families help themselves

See who join with us to engage powerful solutions and share our mission like Cybersmarties, connecting those in need via technology and education

Learn about our multiple outreach programs happening in the USA and currently  expanding across India.

Our Passion, Our Drive, Our stories of victories, allies hope and change.

We Lead By Example

The pandemic was upon us. Rama Arya, CEO of Elevated Life Solutions saw a need, and provided $70,000 of laptops to under-served families in 2021. He saw the isolation the pandemic caused, and the ‘technology gap’  families go through who were without, and fell behind. Suddenly people could connect and return to classrooms, see loved ones and connect to community. Why did he do it? Because there was a crisis.

“It started because someone helped my father, and he’s been giving back his whole life and I’ve learned from him,” says Rama. “Come and join us. Only when we move together equally, do we really move forward.”  Elevated Life Solutions continues to expand its outreach.

Our Partnership with Cybersmarties

We partner with and support CyberSmarties Inc., an extraordinary social network platform for school age children only, which has already eliminated cyberbullying and predatory behavior in Ireland since 2017. They have already registered over 100,000 students in 2021, with plans to expand to millions of children in more countries. They are endorsed by their national police force and work in tandem with Departments of Education. 

Your support lets us bring this platform to countless school children online, and shields them from abusive bullying and predatory behavior on the CyberSmarties network. Help us #ElevateOthers. Please Give a Gift to Uplift.


Our charitable mission is Connecting, Providing, and Protecting the
under-served via technology, education, and support.

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