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Founder & CEO

Rama Arya

I was born in a small Indian village and grew up watching everyone help one another. I watched my father giving back from an early age to others that had helped him, and realized part of our journey here is to help others. Our Family came to the U.S.A in 1973 and became part of the American Dream.

Today, living in Los Angeles with my family, I have come to realize that everything we learn in life is ‘adventitious’, regardless of how it appears or our judgment of it.

Because what arises for you is for you alone and your experiences here are specifically for you to learn from. One of my teachers once held up a rope with three knots and called the knots ‘waking’, ‘dreaming’ and ‘sleeping’. Then he untied the knots and asked “Where are they? It is all the same rope. It’s the same ocean. The same open sky.” It was a great awe-inspiring moment for me that made me realize we can be free of our judgments as we embrace the magnificent jewel that is expressed as the present moment.  

I believe we all have infinite potential within us, that unceasingly expresses itself and we are here to influence and support one another for the better without any effort or achievement. I call it “Adoring the Adornment”.  

So whether you know it or not, the universe presents you with constant opportunity. The trick is, you have to be open to see it and engage it. What do you do when you come to a fork in the road? You pick it up! Because you never know when it could be useful. That is what we are doing with Elevated Life Solutions. We are being useful. We are here to help those in need. We are here to lend someone a hand the way my father was lent a hand when he needed it. And the way I was lent a hand by all those around me, when I was a child. Sarva Mangalam


More than 30 years in Information Technology & Multimedia, Audio/Video Production, and video streaming experience. Neutralize Stress Expert. 
NLP & Ericksonian Trainer. Rama Arya has worked with national and international clients throughout the years. He has been providing technical support for technology, audio-video productions, and streaming media services via donating his time in the South Central Los Angeles area since 1998. Rama Arya brings an abundance of expertise and enthusiasm in support of our goal and mission of our company.


Philip Morton

“Never worse,” my Grandmother used to say to me. This was her wise response to all of my young inexperienced adolescent complaints. She had experienced many things in her lifetime, from being raised in a small village in Hungary, to living a successful life running a factory with my Grandfather in Vienna, to losing everything in World War II and fleeing for their lives from the Holocaust, lucky to re-start again in America with two children, one of whom was my father. “Never worse,” indeed. Her simple phrase always reminded me that as bad as I may have felt things were for me at any given moment, there was always something to find gratitude for. Not to mention her simple phrase had a second meaning. It implied that my situation could be far worse, as hers had been, or that someone else in this moment was worse off than I. She had told me many stories of hardship, running for her life, losing loved ones in the war and staring again in an unknown country where she had no idea if they would be successful, accepted or untroubled.

Her wisdom placed understanding and compassion for others as a center stone of my life. To this day it helps me appreciate that when things are good I can reach a hand out to someone and raise them up. And that even when I myself feel low, to always be thankful for what I have.

At Elevated Life Solutions our goal is is simple; any help we can offer, any support we may provide we hope it gives an opportunity for families and those in need to make a new start to help themselves.  We reach out a hand out and raise people up. We want people to #GetElevated. And when they’re in a better situation, we hope they’ll reach a hand out and raise someone up. As my Grandmother used to say, may it be ‘never worse’ for them, from this point on, ever again.


A pro film and tv writer for many years, and nominated for several awards, Morton started his writing career at Saturday Night Live and has written on numerous Hollywood studio assignments writing for Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema, and DreamWorks Animation for the last two decades. The writer of FIRE DOWN BELOW starring Steven Seagal, also wrote 12:01 PM starring Martin Landau. He co-created and co-wrote the sitcom MALIBU DAN: FAMILY MAN, currently in 3rd season of production. He wrote and co-produced the thriller THE UNWILLING, currently on Amazon, which won numerous film festival honors. He has contributed over 100 articles for the Huffington Post over a five-year period, ranging from political essays to cultural arts reviews including national concert tours of top talent, Broadway Theater, film reviews, and celebrity profiles. He specializes in communicating ideas, bringing a big-budget look to his work, and making complex projects easily understood.


Hugh Mullen

Certified Public Accountant since 1974. Hugh Mullen was a controller of International Paint company Textual Coating, then his own private accounting practice since 1974 for both business and private clients. He brings his incredible accounting and business expertise to our non-profit.


John Romano

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer For over 20 years as a Strategic Partner-Funding and Marketing Consultant, John has done everything from rescue master plan sustainable communities, fund movie deals to creating catchy-viral brand names and ads. His clients include high-profile Oscar winners Michael Caine, Johnny Depp, and Mel Brooks among others as well as renowned doctors, clinics, spas, and multi-national corporations. John is the creator of the revolutionary HeroCise™ exercise system for veterans and children.

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