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No Pathway Without Technology

By Dana Barrett Limited access to technology contributes to economic poverty. Have you ever stopped to imagine how different your life would be without the technology that many of us take for granted every day?

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Have You Ever Been Bullied?

How Rama & Diarmuid met Rama Arya, founder of Elevated Life Solutions, understands bullying first hand growing up in the lowest caste of the Hindu caste system in India. He knows all too well how

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Desperate for Help

Barbara Berryman Due to financial constraints that frequently plague the elderly, a spunky senior named Barbara had moved from mid-town LA to senior housing in Compton about 3 years ago. Then the pandemic hit. Her

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Struggling to Teach – God Delivered

Overcoming Barriers to Education Bishop Edward Turner of the New Power of Love Christian Fellowship in South Central Los Angeles has spent a lifetime dreaming of creating opportunities for the congregants of his church and

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