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Elevated Life Solutions is proud to partner with Cybersmarties.

 ”Cybersmarties.com mission is to teach the next generation of internet users how to engage with social media in a positive manner so that the mistakes of the past do not become their future.”

– Cybersmarties CEO Diarmuid Hudner

CyberSmarties.com is the first safe social network training platform developed specifically for Primary School children and is the only platform to be awarded a patent by their National Police Force, the An Garda Siochána Patent for Safety of Ireland.  And Cybersmarties is a UNICEF/End Violence Against Children Global Partner.

Cybersmarties breakthrough accomplishments are reducing cyber bullying by 97.8%, reducing inappropriate behavior online by 95%, and predatory online behavior against children as NO adults are allowed on the platform.

Cybersmarties is the first social network to authenticate each child as a ‘real child’by working in conjunction with their Department of Education.  Cybersmarties only allows those children officially enrolled in a school classroom to join the platform. Therefore only authenticated children can use the platform. Even though the platform is fully monitored, NO adults are allowed to join.

With their unparalleled focus on mental health, Cybersmarties makes children feel ‘safe and protected’  by 92.5% and  has a 98.5% increase in child emotional confidence.

Your donation of $12 a month, protects six children for a year on the Cybersmarties platform and allows us to continue our expansion to protect the next generation. 

Cybersmarties introduces children aged 7 to 12 years to the world of social media in a protected safe environment so that they learn the key skills in how to interact with others in a positive manner. CyberSmarties’ mission is to change how children use social media so that the next generation will begin the necessary evolution to make social networks become a place for people to safely learn, engage, and talk to each other from around the world. There have been .0018% instances of negative behavior on Cybersmarties social network to date! This as a result of our positive habit-forming technology.

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