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Have You Ever Been Bullied?

How Rama & Diarmuid met

Rama Arya, founder of Elevated Life Solutions, understands bullying first hand growing up in the lowest caste of the Hindu caste system in India. He knows all too well how easy it is to undermine a vulnerable child’s self-esteem. Coming to America as a young boy he found this new free society both liberating and challenging. American culture is filled with its own unexpected biases and freedoms that Rama had to learn how to navigate. But his family’s tradition of helping others and continuing to support the very same village he was born in, revealed to him the powerful inspiration a ‘life of service’ can provide. Today, as a computer professional with his own company, Rama marveled at how the modern world, for all its progress, offers less than half the people of the world access to the internet. And less than that are able to own a computer. Wanting to make a change himself, he started his own non-profit, Elevated Life Solutions, to help get computers to families and children in need.

Diarmuid Hudner was driven by a similar sense of empathy halfway across the globe. Based in County Limerick, Ireland, he was concerned with the epidemic of cyberbullying and predatory behavior victimizing children online. When he was young he himself was a very smart and shy child, and Diarmuid understood all too well what it meant to feel unheard and to feel bullied. His life mission became wanting to empower children and end cyberbullying. But he was told that the social media platforms had no power to control it. Wanting to make a change himself, he started his own company, Cybersmarties, to protect children and families.

CyberSmarties is a safe, secure social network for school children ages seven to twelve years old. He designed the system to create language filters that prevented children from texting negative words, Positive words are suggested that the children can text instead. He barred adults from joining the network, even though it has a 24 hour staff monitoring it for safety. He added an A.I. personality that checks in with each child daily to ask how they feel. Children are supported with positive messages and confidence building videos based on their answers. These innovations eliminated cyberbullying, ended predatory behavior, and made him one of the leaders in mental health support for children for the last six years. Now with over 88,000 children within primary schools facilitated by the Department of Education, Cybersmarties is the only social network with an accolade no other social network can attest; the backing of Ireland’s national police force – the prestigious Garda National Protective Services Bureau of Ireland’s endorsement. CyberSmarties is also officially a member of the Unicef/Global Partnership to end violence against children. The amazing result: Cybersmarties has eliminated cyberbullying and predatory behavior on its platform since 2017.

Cybersmarties mission is simple: change how children use social media so that the next generation will begin the necessary evolution to make social networks become a place for people to safely learn, engage, and talk to each other from around the world.

Rama and Diarmuid met in the summer of 2020 on a zoom call as both were being courted by a cutting-edge computer company. It was in their first meeting that these two compassionate visionaries recognized their common mission to uplift people, especially children, and they realized they should work together. Rama immediately recognized the significance of Diarmuid’s innovative platform in teaching children the value of positive social engagement and its impact on the world.

So Rama and Diarmuid partnered. Today Elevated Life Solutions fundraises for Cybersmarties to make their solution available to children all over the world. Elevated Life Solutions is driven by the founding principle that we all exist equally, and equally together we move forward. No child should feel as though they are lesser than. We all have a responsibility to engage the world with kindness and respect.

In July of 2021 alone Cybersmarties signed on 100,000 new school children in India. They hope to have one million children on the platform by the end of the year.

Plans continue to broaden as Cybersmarties looks to open new platforms in Africa and the Middle East.

Elevated Life Solutions is thrilled to be spearheading this ambitious goal. Our fundraising supports CyberSmarties’ expansion, as we combine forces with them to provide this incredible platform to more children, in more countries.

We know we can achieve it – with your help.

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