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Did you know? Fifty percent of our world is without access to computers and the internet.

Some may be in your home town.  Yet billions of dollars of technology are wasted every year.  And for those who want to help it’s sometimes hard to decide how to start.  That’s why we take to heart Ghandi’s answer to the question;” What do you think of Western Civilization?” “I think it’s a good idea,” he famously said.

Our impressive Western society has made tremendous progress and surpluses for some, while others still experience extreme lack. But ‘shift happens’, as they say, and so many can be helped with a small move of the global needle.

We know that society can’t move forward if half are left behind.  It’s like the famous parable of the Oxen drawn cart in India.  Two oxen are used to pull a cart, but the driver will tell you, you have to care for both equally if you want to move forward.  Care for only one and you go in circles.  We need to care equally for all.


Our free laptop program for children includes training, education, and support at no cost.

Elevated Life Solutions has already donated $70,000 of laptops in 2021, supplying over 120 laptops to under-served families in Los Angeles.  That’s 120 opportunities where families no longer have to fall behind in the ‘technology gap’ that affects the underprivileged.  A laptop allows for education, finding goods and services, applying for employment, and continually bettering oneself.  

Your donation to Elevated Life Solutions continues our  refurbished laptop program for underprivileged children and low-income communities and includes online education, training, protection, and support so families can #GetElevated and help themselves.  We also train and educate people on how to use video conferencing software, and continue to provide weekly/monthly support so that they can train others to do the same, furthering education to help the whole community.

ELS also provides a free email account, free open source Libre Office Suite (word process, spreadsheet, Presentation, Graphics, pdf Editor and Creator), free zoom audio/video conference client, free remote support software, and a free 5 Gigabyte Cloud (third party) account for data backup/sync.  (Note: software specs subject to change due to availability. Open-source software is via third-party providers)

We truly believe that when you: #ElevateOthers you #ElevateYourself. 

So when you want to help, but you don’t know-how. When you want to change the world but feel unempowered.  We offer you a chance to help change the lives of so many. 

Join us. Let’s change the world, together, for the better.  Help bring support where it’s needed, education where it matters, and help those in need to help themselves.

Become a member at no cost when you make a donation of any size! Learn where your dollars are going. Thank you for your donation to Elevated Life Solutions.

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