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Strategic Partners

Our projects continue locally and globally.  We partner with these powerful platforms and organizations who share our vision to expand our outreach to connect people via technology, education and support.   We understand championing and supporting others can change lives, lift spirits and drive hope.  We want to offer a hand and raise people up with our partners and provide technology, education, connection and protection across multiple communities at the same time. 

Hardship comes in many forms.  It can be financial hardship, physical, or emotional. It can be caused by economic distress, oppression, loss of shelter, or abandonment of love and understanding.  To all who’ve known hardship, they also know the life changing feeling that comes from compassion and support.

Whether it’s our direct outreach that provides refurbished laptops and tablets to families, so children and adults can get education, connect online to their community and get direct help and resources to improve their lives and #GetElevated.  And we know that when you #ElevateOthers you #ElevateYourself.

We partner with these powerful platforms and services to continue our mission to Connect, Provide and Protect for low-income children and their families locally and internationally.


CyberSmarties is the first safe social network training platform developed specifically for Primary School children only.  For the last six years CyberSmarties’ locked down, fully monitored and fully functional social network has reduced cyberbullying by 94% and increased emotional confidence by 98.5% for the almost 100,000 children on the platform.  Successfully neutralizing cyberbullying and preventing access to child predators.  CEO Diarmuid Hudner says: ”CyberSmarties’ mission is simple; to protect children and change how children use social media so that the next generation will begin the necessary evolution to make social networks become a place for people to safely learn, engage, and talk to each other from around the world.”  Elevated Life Solutions is implementing and funding the Cybersmarties solution across India with a goal of protecting 1,000,000 children.  https://cybersmarties.com


Exotech is revolutionary new software environment that allows you to communicate and interact with computers/technology the way humans interact with each other. ExoLite™ easily and elegantly runs on older computer hardware and allows users to instantly chat even on slower internet connections. https://www.exotech.bm

Peaceful Planet Human Rights Education

Peaceful Planet Human Rights Education is a non-profit, nonreligious, and non-political organization that educates people about human rights under the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. http:peaceful-planet.org

New Power of Love Church

Bishop Edward Turner has watched his ministry, The Power of Love Church, grow tremendously over the years and as he always humbly says; “All to the Glory of God!” Power of Love now has many church ministries – Success Orientation, Youth with Honors, Children’s Kingdom, Musicians Workshop, and Praise and Worship Seminar – just to name a few. Power of Love has a Community Center that reaches out to its surrounding neighborhoods to feed the hungry, distribute bagged food, and distribute clothing.  Elevated Life Solutions has so far donated 30 laptops to help support The Power of Love’s S.T.E.M. drive program. http://www.polcf.org

Point of Love Foundation

A nondenominational church that has done service for Los Angeles the last 30 years, feeding the homeless, creating food drives, designating their own meals on wheels, and commended by the city of LA. “  Point of love is a movement dedicated to helping people.  Our objective is healing people and empowering them to reach their full potential in society.  Elevated Life Solutions has provided 50 laptops to Point of Love for laptop give-aways. LINK: https://www.pointoflove.org

Eagle Wings of Enlighttenment Center

Eagle Wings of Enlightenment Center, in South Los Angeles, is dedicated to peace and non-violence and is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that focuses on the educational and economic growth and well being of Africans around the world.  Ma Shri Natha Devi Premananda Mataji, respected spiritual mother and founder of Eagle Wings, is known locally and internationally for her 36 years of service to the South L.A. community.  She says;“The power of prayer can bring about healing and eradicate any threat.”  Elevated Life Solutions has provided 25 laptps to Eagle Wings for lap top give-aways.

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